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You coul This will make you feel somewhat out on a lim A new introduction could jolt you out of you Don't misinterpret what true power Expect an upswing of good feelings. So why not take a little time to sp There may be a somewhat unsettled feeling in the air that leaves you confused.

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This is a Seek a good partner to collaborate with on your ideas Each person needs to take responsibility for them. Don't over dramatise the si The outcome of whatever you are tackling now should be better than you had hoped. Fiery Mars in good aspect to lucky Jupiter will produce results as long as you keep your feet on the ground, your eye on detail, and don't let an adrenalin rush send you off to do anything too wild.


Clearly this is grand planning day not one for counting beans, or checking computer codes. Look to see what glum face around you can make crack into a smile. If you can keep yourself under a certain amount of control, put down a few limits, then you will be really pleased with the end results of your activities. You will be in a real dynamo of a mood looking ahead to see a really rosy glow on the horizon.

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Your optimism will be high but you need to check out that it isn't a mirage. Being a Pollyanna and thinking everything is going to be wonderful, is morale boosting but not always helpful. Don't over-tax yourself, bite off more than you can chew or over-commit yourself. This day will boost your confidence but it could tip you over the edge into being rather unrealistic about cash. Run with your enthusiasm by all means but have a care that you are not expecting miracles. Help yourself by planning things through more carefully. There seems little doubt that one situation is going to turn out spectacularly better than even you expected.

You just need make sure that you're looking in the right direction, and helping the lucky influences along with a little common sense. This is a time for successful, positive, fortunate activity. OK, there is a slight risk you may be too hasty or reckless, and perhaps not very practical.

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You may cut corners and not double-check the details. But you will be swinging along with that kind of enthusiasm which is highly infectious, so everyone will be pulling together and results will pile in faster. This is the time to start getting fitter, because you will for once be happy to take more exercise than usual.

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Brimming with energy, you will want to tackle activities that are more physical. All sorts of opportunities, financial and other, are opening up around you which you hadn't expected, so you need to be on top form to be able to make best use of them all.

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You will tend to be racing around at top speed. Try not to fall into the trap of thinking you're always right and everyone else is always wrong.

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If you're normally pretty timid and don't have much trust or faith in yourself, the influences around now will do you the world of good. You will suddenly find the courage to try things which normally you would not attempt. Everything will suddenly begin to turn out smelling of roses. You will want to smooth round any rough edges and indeed bounce any down in the mouth mates into better humour.

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Friends will be an encouraging support. Maybe you will bounce into situations that you thought were going to work wonderfully, and your expectations fall short slightly today. That shouldn't happen since sheer joie de vivre will carry you along, but do watch for a tiny hint of over-confidence. A little self discipline never goes amiss with Jupiter around.

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This is a great time for any kind of physical activity. You will feel vital and exuberant.

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On top of that you will have a sense of idealism, wanting to put your energy into your visions, dreams and your hopes to make them work better for yourself. So you will move nearer to accomplishing certain of your goals. You may also be positively prophetic today in a tiny way, getting a glimpse of a possibility of something to come.